Scenario1: Supervisor calls field patroller who’s supposed to patrol the recently installed cable line, to check for breaks. Patroller informs him he’s on site and has checked all of the points, sends oral report.

Scenario2: Field Engineer wants an update from vendor on site progress. Wants to know how many people he has deployed on field, whether the material has reached the site, and whether everyone has started their job. He makes a dozen phone calls to various members of the team to cross check. SOmetimes receives conflicting updates, so he’s left wondering which is the correct info.

Scenario3: Field Engineer assigns field Team Lead to meet another contractor to collect specific info. In order to make sure they have met, he calls them separately to cross check.


location tracking
Supervisor tracking field resources live on the map

In all the above scenarios, the common requirement is the confirmation of location. In order to verify that what the field teams are assigned for is completed, their location is the one input that will accurately and reliably ascertain completion of the said task. 

Enter, Traxion. 

Location information coupled with the timestamp takes the digital transformation of the construction or maintenance project, to the next level.

Traxion app on the field teams’ mobiles (with role-based contextual menus) will show them exactly the information they need to complete their tasks, viz, their pre-assigned Routes to traverse & Tasks for the day. Supervisors would have assigned these tasks and routes to specific team members. Once the team member begins his task for the day, additional primary information such as location & time stamp are also automatically reported by the app, from which more information such as (a) Turn-around-time (TAT), (b) Productivity, (c) Issues faced etc are derived along with several other metrics. 

Managers see key highlights as a summary on their dashboard and can zoom into individual performance details and issues. All of this happens with no input from the field teams except gathering and updating the info required on their task, which is also made easier- they enter all info directly into the fields on their task page, along with pictures and any comments. The Traxion app on their mobile is tied to the IMEI number and location is captured automatically, which ensures that there is no tampering or misrepresentation of data by the field teams. Auto-captured location of all field operatives that is shown on the Live-Tracking page, tells the Supervisors where the team members are, during their work hours (Traxion app is ON). This information can be reliably used to evaluate performance and productivity of the field team members, and is many times used to compute their daily/monthly compensation. 

Location information from the Traxion app helps the users in several ways, the obvious being that you can verify the location of the field teams in real time, check if they have met a specific person (proximity) or visited a particular location that was part of their beat.

Some of the uses of location are:

In summary, Traxion app makes your project truly transparent by giving you your field resources’ (human, assets & processes) location live on a map with tamper-proof and accurate time-stamped location. 

While this is a direct benefit of using the app, the real benefits unravel with the analysis engine powered by AI. The intelligence of the platform is in reading between the lines of the thousands of touch points of the various teams, to give you key and actionable insights into managing your project execution, optimally. 

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