COVID-proof your project-

TraXion immunizes your projects from pandemic-related disruption. Manage complex field projects from your office remotely; use a remote control for your complexoperations.




    Traxion BUILD

    Monitoring – Closing the Loop

    TraXion Build offers a Swiss Army knife-style toolkit to help all stakeholders of execution projects manage the complex knot of tasks, people and inventory, through a powerful Dashboard.


    Task management

    Configure tasks of any size and & users, assign role-based tasks, dependencies  & alerts. Tasks can be configured one-time and their progress tracked on extent of completion. 

    Inventory & Logistics

    Tap the power of IoT or manage your offline inventory and its movement, including purchase orders, on one platform. Transparency closes your leaks instantly! 


    Get real-time location and status updates from all assets & resources and see their movement , non-movement, crossing of speed limit or geographic limit, live on an interactive map. 

    Realtime Events/Alerts

    Get instant updates on task completion or configure your own triggers for tasks completion or non-completion, 

    Planning/Gannt/Calendar/Milestones Management

    Plan & configure role-based Gantt chart for your Projects/Operations, and define what milestones you would like to track. Measure planned vs actuals, at every stage and track progress through Gantt & pie charts, graphs, etc. View high-level or detailed info, whenever and wherever you are. 

    Client/Vendor Contract management

    Manage all client and vendor contracts at one place, in our Document Management System (DMS). These are linked to your project/operations so are readily available for reference at pay milestones or for rate comparisons, 

    API level access to ERP and external systems

    Seamless integration with legacy or other ERP systems to manage Costing, HR, Inventory or CRMs used in your organization. 

    AI/ML based Project Insights

    Tap into insights gathered from your own data, by our powerful ML/AI engine. Our AI algorithms analyze the volumes of data and cleave usable insights, actionable information & predictions, for improvement of processes or optimization of resources. The AI engine can be configured for specific outcomes and is a bonus feature of the software that senior management can greatly benefit from.

    System-wide communication

    Chat, collaborate, annotate, comment. Communicate with your teams within the platform, avoiding multiple calls/emails/reviews/updates on which a majority of project management time is spent, currently. 

    Use case

    L&T Infotech is using the Traxion Build platform for managing the pan-India BBNL Fiber Optic laying project in Telangana, called T-Fiber.


    Number of Users at
    Manager level


    No. of Field

    30000+ kms

    Length of cable
    laying managed

    1.12L sq.kms

    Area extent

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