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Traxion simplifies management of any project that involves large manpower, multiple user levels and activities that need to be tracked on a timeline. Use of the app makes the project transparent & has saved our clients up to 8% of their usual costs."


Large Infrastructure project execution – (Highways, Urban & Rural Roads, Telecom OFC, Power, Irrigation, Power Distribution, Oil & Water Pipeline, etc), inspite of being capital & time-intensive operations, are opaque, with various contractors and other moving parts involved. No stake-holder has real-time visibility into the breadth of execution and hence they tend to have major leaks in costs and time.

The current methods employed range from offline tracking on notebooks, excel sheets, word documents, and at best, software for specific tasks, all by distributed managers with various degrees of discipline and accountability. The opaqueness that this structure allows, combined with offline & on-demand reporting, results in a system with a significant amount of latency. Field and project conditions may change before information reaches from one end to another, and decisions transmitted back.


Making the process transparent by giving real-time status updates through location and visual proof to all stakeholders and thus enabling course correction, will make the process transparent and will directly result in savings in time as well as cost. Traxion sends triggers to users when configured tasks are complete (or not, depending on their definition), plugs into clients’ existing systems for seamless integration and offers customizable reports. An AI-assisted predictive algorithm helps automate tasks for users.

The crux of the Traxion system is not mere tracking of manpower or assets, which by themselves improve transparency and efficiency by a huge margin. On top of the tracking engine, Traxion’s most effective value proposition is its automated processing of these millions of location ‘footprints’ being generated in real-time, and evaluating them against task-wise goals and automatically generating performance metrics (% progress, completion status, attendance, etc) with NO user intervention. Traxion truly replaces expensive PMC/PMU (Project Monitoring Consultancy/Units) divisions with a single app and portal, providing reports and actionable insights in real time on a project-wide basis, boosting monitoring effectiveness by orders of magnitude for a meagre fraction of the cost.

Traxion BUILD

TraXion Build offers a Swiss Army knife-style toolkit to help all stakeholders of execution projectsmanage the complex knot of tasks, people and inventory, through a powerful Dashboard.

Traxion O&M

TraXion O&M is a cloud platform for managing Operations intensive projects and Maintenance phases of infrastructure projects.

Bring your distributed team, vendors, customers onto a single platform

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