Often times when Project Management get discussed in organisations, there is disproportionate emphasis on extremely detailed Planning, with rows upon hundreds of rows of task entries broken-down with day-to-day granularity. However, like the old adage, most of these intricate, lovingly crafted plans do not last the first couple weeks of active project execution.

So how do we reconcile the sanctity of a well-made plan against the harsh realities of disruptive challenges that execution throws up?
Traxion offers a new paradigm to Project Monitoring tech:
‘Adaptive Plan’ Management through Closed-loop, Real-time, Persistent Monitoring,

Any complex project with involves several activities running both parallelly and with intricate dependencies would have to account for dynamically changing circumstances:

– The raw material’s arrival at site could be delayed
– Accident/damage/other issues at site
– Key staff members could be sick/on leave
– Pandemic! (such are times)
– and a thousand other possibilities..

A nimble organisation would have to navigate around these events with a reactive plan that would make it possible to automatically change resource deployment, inventory and other affected tasks and activities in the most optimal way with minimum cost and time disruptions.

– Plan
– Assign
– Real-time
– tracking
– Review
– Incidents/Issues
– Course
– Correction
– Review

TraXion offers several ways of channelling real-time feedback into the system:
– TraXion native mobile app
– Integration with IoT/NFC sensors
– Event input through the TraXion API interface
– Manual input

Organization & projects would be able to utilize TraXion’s ‘Adaptive Plan’.


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